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Biography: After leaving a promising career as a young “upstart” in Australia’s banking industry, Rod Urand began his American life as an Assistant Director in a YMCA camp in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Customer Service expertise from his previous trade served him well as he worked with conference groups, youth and family services, and other participants at one of the largest conference centers in the Pocono Mountains.

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The next stop in his career took Rod to New Jersey where he was elevated to the position of Executive Director of the Camp Branch of the YMCA of Newark and Vicinity. Combining his customer service credentials, his facility management experience and technical know-how, Rod left the non-profit world for management positions in national known property management corporations in Arizona, Virginia and Maryland.

Unable to suppress the entrepreneurial spirit and energy, Rod founded Yackendander Training and Consulting to provide hands-on training and consultation services in technology products such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, and other audio and digital editing software packages to name a few. His client list and partnerships include both small business, academia and some of the top training companies in the United States.

Rod Urand is well versed and credentialed in the world of technology and video production.  In addition to his ownership role in his company, Rod also maintains a full-time career with Towson University in Maryland. Here, he focuses on video production (serving as producer, editor and on-screen talent) as well as instructional design and training delivery.

Participants that Rod interacts with walk away with in-depth knowledge, a “can do” spirit and are ready to hit the ground running. Clients that Rod produces instructional videos for state that his videos have a modern corporate feel and are consistently in tune with audience expectations.

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